Ladies Motorcycle Boots

What I have seen while researching ladies Harley Davidson footwear (not the women who are wearing them, swear!) is that the ankle high Harley Dipstick Boots are a must have staple in any woman's wardrobe as well as every man's wardrobe. Boots sample For the lady who wishes to appear a bit taller when she isn't riding, there are ladies Harley Davidson shoes with a taller, sometimes platform sole and for shorter shoes there are wider, platform soles. And of course for those lady bikers out there, of course you will need boots!I was talking to one of our local bikers about this the other day. She has been riding for years and her boots are definitely a feature. I asked her which pair of boots she would recommend to someone new to riding motorcycles. Her answer was the Harley Davidson knee patch boots. She said that they were the best women's motorcycle boots there are. Of course we already know that they come in several different styles such as tall, wide calf, regular, low rise and even though she admitted that she didn't like them as much as some of the other types, she said that she still had them in her garage in case she came across a lady who wanted to buy a pair. So that answers the question right there - do women actually need to buy more than one pair of ladies motorcycle boots? Not really. Let's face it, bikers are pretty passionate about their sport. It doesn't matter if they ride Harleys or BMWs, they all love their motorcycles and their biking style. When I asked the biker about what kind of riding she did, she said that she rides on her ATV's and on her motorcycles. Motorcycle photograph So, it doesn't matter if she wears her motorcycle pants or her biker shirts every time she rides. Yes, these are truly the perfect accessories to match a biker outfit. Another biker friend of mine, she rides her motorcycle through a lot of rain and also in the hot sun. She also likes to wear her leather boots while riding. She told me that not only is leather a great protection for her feet, but also it keeps her feet cool when riding in the hot sun. This is another great option if you have sensitive skin and want to keep your feet dry while riding. If you're looking for a boot that offer the maximum amount of ankle support available, you should definitely go with boots with split sole. With a split-sole boot, you'll get both extra ankle support AND protection from scratches. It's a great combination and very popular among bikers. Just make sure to purchase a boot that has a sole that is made of cowhide leather or suede, otherwise you may find yourself rubbing against the splits or scratches on your ankles as you ride. I would highly recommend that you go with suede sole as your sole because suede is a very good material for riding. Also, suede is much more stylish than leather and gives you better comfort. Boots re-creation If you're in the market for a durable, waterproof, ankle-length boot, you should definitely consider purchasing a ladies waterproof boots. Although the market offers waterproof boots made out of all kinds of material, most waterproof boots don't have reinforced toes. This can be frustrating, especially for people who like wearing boots. If you search online for waterproof boots, you'll find plenty of brands to choose from. Most of them have waterproof insoles and have reinforced toe soles. The more waterproof a boot is, the better, especially for people who don't wear their boots much. Another thing to think about when shopping for ladies motorcycle boots is the boot's heel armour. Most boots have reinforced heel armour, but the shin guards are not as strong. Make sure that the shin guards are securely attached to the heel armour to prevent them from getting ripped off. Also, make sure that the boots aren't too long; in particular if you're going to be wearing motorcycle boots for any substantial amount of time, it's important to ensure that the boot fits well. Finally, it's important that the boots are comfortable.