Chicks On Bikes

Chicks On Bikes: Women On bikes, click on wheels. How cute are they? They're the perfect companion for women biking for fun or for transportation. On re-creationAnd now a new book is coming out soon, so think you'll all dig it!Chicks On Bikes is an ultimate coffee table book of bikers' stories mostly photographs as I am a professional photographer. But many more insightful, personal stories as well. It's chics on bikes, the perfect women's cycling novel. "Chicks on Bikes: A Women's diary on bikes" tells the story of a thirty-something woman in San Francisco who rides her bike everywhere (including the high-tops in Emeryville and S.F. for a "drug rehab weekend"). She sells herself and her experiences through her photographs. Interesting, funny, articulate, and very insightful. Some women have biker friends. Many women are just curious about biking and like to look at pictures of other women on bikes. What's missing from these books? Sometimes a woman's perspective can be so valuable. Too often women are portrayed as being uptight and fearful of being photographed in a biker setting. When women are riding on their bikes, they have to worry about other women riding behind them, getting hurt, or worse. That's not the case in the pictures. It's amazing that this doesn't happen more often. Especially considering that bikers are so open and friendly. We're on a bike, right?What is it about women on bikes that makes them such a subject for a photo shoot? Is it their looks, is it their clothing? Bikes pictureWhatever it is, it seems that there's no reason why bikers should be depicted in the same way in these publications. Somehow, we've learned to accept that women are fragile, that they shouldn't be shown on the front of a magazine while standing up on their bike. Still, these pictures make a woman look strong. Strong shoulders, straight hair, and a strong body are just some of the images bikers have been used to create over the years. While the stereotype still holds true - guys on bikers are supposed to be rough and tough guys, bikers are also supposed to be carefree, enjoying the great outdoors. It's unfair to assume that bikers would accept any attention based on gender. Bikers have been a misunderstood lot throughout the years - sometimes by the press as well as the general public. The fact is that women on bikes don't need any more scrutiny than regular bikers do. Chicks on bikers are simply girls who happen to ride bikes. If that doesn't make them special, then what does? The only people who really need to worry about them are those who would put a hand up under a woman's skirt and think it's funny. We're not saying it's easy being a biker chick - but it's easier than being a regular chick, right? So go ahead, ladies, sit back and enjoy. Chicks on bikes are seen as "street fighters". They ride around in their leathers and ride the beat as hard as they can. They fight the good fight - literally. There are plenty of women out there who would love to take part in the biker culture, but have never gotten past their fear of being "taken down". Chicks on bikes are seen as weak because they aren't afraid to show off their man boobs. Bikes re-creationSome women may even think that by wearing a motorcycle jacket and boots, they'll be viewed as weak. It's a common misconception that bikers are weak in general, but it's pretty true that guys can't win when it comes to strength. But women can win when it comes to weakness. They know how to use their femininity to their advantage. They know how to use their bodies to get what they want - and that's why bikers are always looking for new chicks to ride with. One reason why chicks on bikes are so attractive to bikers is because they are generally stronger than most women. Women are built differently than men. That means that some women will naturally be stronger than others. If you take the time to notice, you'll see that some chicks on bikes have the body of a male biker, but the spirit of a beautiful woman. It just has to be some kind of crazy genetic experiment. Some people would say that the reason chicks on bikes are attractive to bikers is because bikers have a tough-girl image themselves. That's completely ridiculous. In reality, bikers are just naturally stronger and tougher than most women. And that makes them irresistible! If you want to date a chick, make sure she rides a bike - you won't have any trouble finding one.