Biker Chic

Biker Chic is a fashion that mixes motorcycle apparel and leather clothing. Biker picture These images conjure up memories for many people who can't get enough of it, and wish to move around with that je-ne-sais-quoi! This urban biker-chic style shows you how you can express yourself on just about any size and in any color. Women are as into this style as men. Bikers can sport jackets in black, red or white, skirts in black, or tight pants, depending on the event or the season. They even have braided leather jackets and gloves that come in all sorts of colors and styles. In the summer, bikers love to hit the beaches in California and Florida, and in December to the East Coast. There are many biker editorials about the hottest spots to hit. They also have reviews of the latest model bikes and what to look for at the various vendors around the country. If you are trying to figure out where to go, they have reviews of everything from the best motocross shops to the hottest new leather jackets. Biker Chic also features editorials from those who just love to ride, love the look and love the idea of showing off their motorcycles at local events. There are editorials from bikers of all kinds - from the newest recruit to the oldest veteran. Whether you are into vintage styles or more modern looks, there is something for everyone. Chic foto The photos shoot in real locations like clubs, amusement parks, diners, restaurants and bars. There are even photos of women riding astride men's bikes!One of the most popular categories of biker chic looks has been influenced by the holiday season this year. A number of Editorials have featured biker chick flicks like Spring Breakers, Bridesmaids and Valentine's Day releases. Biker Chicks Magazine did an entire feature on sexy chics. This month's biker chic photo shoot was inspired by the movie, Bridesmaids. The Spring collection for Biker Chic is inspired by the upcoming movie, Bridesmaids. That makes this a very lucky year for biker girls everywhere. This spring we will be seeing a lot of wear that is inspired by the movie. It seems as if every movie stars a girl on a motorcycle and makes it chic to wear the latest biker babes fashion. This year's collection for Chicks magazine is inspired by Bridesmaids. Some of the photos shoot in real locations like Malibu, Hollywood and New York City. Biker chicks from around the country are invited to participate and submit their photos to be used in the upcoming fall issue of Chicks magazine. Biker image This is an exciting opportunity for bikers and chics alike to show off what they love doing - hanging out with the girls. I think most women are going to be excited about this special issue of Chicks. As we move into fall, we are also looking forward to some more edgy styles. Many biker girls have been raving about Fall Fest, which takes place right before Halloween. This is one of the best occasions for biker chics to get together and have some wicked practices. Some girls wear their most skintaggy outfits while others choose to go all out and totally shred. There will be many more biker-style style shoots in the coming months as biker chic moves towards a more hardcore edge this fall. In the mean time, women everywhere can still enjoy the beauty of biker style that has been capturing the imagination of fashionistas since the early seventies. Biker Chic is certainly here to stay. I look forward to seeing more biker style and shoots. I think we all look forward to seeing what the future holds for this fad. So, ladies, start making your plans to attend these upcoming biker fashion shows!